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The Crack Fox Entertainment Contract

Please fill out the required fields. This information will provide everything we need to create and promote your event. We will announce 1 month out. 2 weeks out. 3 days out from show. Please submit the required Instagram/Facebook/Wix images. Any additional marketing? please email

Date of Performance
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Performer/Producer Responsibilities: Punctuality: The Producer/cast/crew agrees to arrive at the venue at least one hour prior to the scheduled performance time.

Conduct: The Producer/cast and crew shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during the performance and while on the premises of the venue.

Performance Quality: The Producer shall provide a high-quality performance consistent with their usual standard. Any significant deviation from the agreed-upon performance must be communicated to the Club Owner in advance.

Respect for Venue: The Producer/cast/crew shall respect the venue, its staff, and its patrons at all times. Any damage caused to the venue or its property shall be the responsibility of the Producer to repair or reimburse.

Promotion: The Producer agrees to promote the event on their social media channels and website, to help drive attendance. If additional marketing is require please email a schedule to

Club Owner's Responsibilities: Payment: The

Club Owner shall pay the agreed-upon compensation to the Producer in a timely manner.

Promotion: The Club Owner shall promote the event through their established channels to help maximize attendance.

Venue: The Club Owner shall provide a suitable venue for the performance, including adequate lighting, sound equipment, and any other necessary facilities.

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